It’s a wrap – choosing the right packaging materials

When you are packing boxes, ensuring you have adequately protected delicate and breakable items in very important.

While it’s tempting to wrap everything in newspaper, consider using some more specialised materials to ensure your goods arrive intact.

Bubble Wrap

Use bubble wrap for delicate items that are irregularly shaped. Some glass wear and crystal items should be bubble wrapped if it is particularly fragile. Ornaments and smaller electrical/electronic devices should also be bubble wrapped to reduce any possibility of damage.


Packing paper

Packing paper is excellent for crockery and some glass wear that stacks or nests. The paper is to protect the items from rubbing together, not to provide any impact protection.


Foam packing beads or peanuts

Very delicate items should be placed into boxes or cartons and surrounded by foam packing beads. This provides a very high level of impact protection during transport.


Standard sized removal boxes

We offer a range of standard size removal boxes. These give us the most efficient way to pack the truck so we can fit more boxes in. Our boxes range from small boxes for books, wine and other heavy items, through to very large boxes suitable for bulky items such as linen, cushions etc.


Custom boxes

Custom sized boxes are available for items such as flat screen televisions, painting and artwork, and even bicycles. These boxes are shaped to protect the items, and be easily stackable in a truck.


A & R Removals can supply:

  • Highest quality bubble wrap
  • Bulk packing paper
  • Foam packing beads/peanuts
  • Removal boxes and cartons in a range of sizes
  • Specialised boxes and cartons for flat screen TV’s
  • Large moving blankets for furniture protection


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